These girls who didn’t understand to settle down – who are they?

Some women are lost in the fire, some women are built from it.

Life is pretty amazing thing. You meet new people almost every day, most of them just passing by and not drawing attention that specifically. Some of them become your neighbors, some are your co-workers and some work in that local supermarket where you go to buy your milk. But as they say, all of the best relationships start accidentally and with no advance warning. Suddenly you just notice to spend most of your spare time with people you didn’t even know before, to share even those smallest, insignificant moments of your everyday life with them and to plan new adventures and journeys both together and apart. They might still be your neighbors, workmates and cashiers, but suddenly those people have become also your people.

All of us four have been working in the same hotels in Levi during the winter season 2016-2017 – that’s basically how we got to know each other, even though nothing is actually that simple and in a squiggly way we all knew each other even before we first met. (Well, that’s another story) Already before the end of the season we decided to start a common blog as all of us are heading to completely different destinations to do different things. Laura will pack her belongings and move to Geiranger in Norway to work there as a hotel receptionist during the summer; Miia is about to explore the gorgeous summer in Lapland by working also as a receptionist in Kilpisjärvi. Tiina will place herself to Koli, in the middle of national landscape of Finland, and will take care of the idyllic guesthouse. Nanna, for her part, is going to spend her summer in lovely Kuopio and will afterwards fly to Australia to work there. Before placing ourselves to our final destinations we are, anyhow, going to have some great travel plans starting from Faroe Islands, Paris and Canary Islands – and Lofoten of course, which was our last trip as a group and first trip to begin our great summer season. We’ll come back to that later on, but let’s introduce our great team first!



Miia about Nanna:

All about good energy. I have never seen Nanna without her electric cigarette. That’s kind of her trade mark. She must have named it, cos that’s what Nanna does, but I was never introduced to her electric cigarette. Nanna and I share common love for red wine. We once spend an evening in Levi drinking wine from teacups. We were pretending to have a tea party. That’s why I love Nanna, she is so easy to be around and just dive in her little bubble with chakras and auras and all that, and you are just forced to leave your own worries at the door. Nanna is a child of the universe and she actually has a project about it! She has gathered answers all over the world, one from each and every country, asking what would a person want to say to the world. She wanted to do it just to show that we are not that different and we all should be kind to one another. That tells more about Nanna than I ever could with facts and adjectives.



Nanna about Laura: PhotoEditor-1494052103824

Who makes cheesecake without cheese, books spontaneous flights in 30 minutes notice, drives 200 km to a unicorn meeting (because why not) and has a huge chaos around her when she should be ready, yet still manages to be on time (mostly)?

I’ll give you a hint. Dark hair, big smile and a adventures spark on her eyes! That would be our good kind of crazy Laura!

Laura is super easy to be around. She’s the type of person everybody likes. You can share your craziest ideas with her and she will most likely be on board. With her you can talk about anything from meaningful and deep to a utterly nonsense. She really knows how to seize the opportunities and go through them with full speed! With Laura you will never have a boring moment.

Laura likes traveling, buying earrings to match different situations, spontaneous ideas, updating instagram with pictures and quotes, making breakfast and learning new things.

If you meet Laura be ready, because even in a few hours you might have an adventure planned! 😉

Laura about Tiina: IMG-20170426-WA0069

Tiina, also known as Samantha Fox of Levi, could be described both as fun-loving, forever young karaoke queen and rational, smart and self-confident woman with strong opinions. She’s never afraid of telling what she really thinks and that’s something I wish we all would do more often instead of hemming and hawing back and forth.
Tiina is a wild mixture of little bit of everything. When she decides something, she goes for it at full. There have been several mornings when I’ve waken up on time (at least in my own opinion) just to find out that Tiina has already gone for a morning walk, had a breakfast and taken a shower before I’ve even got my eyes properly open. On the other hand she does know how to relax and can easily spend hours watching Netflix without feeling herself guilty for that. She’s smart, knows surprisingly much about many surprising things and has a lot experience of life in general. We’ve had uncountably many great discussions of as well as meaning of life, travel plans, disadvantages and advantages of men as nutritional facts of bananas. She can’t stand stupid or intolerant hillbillies, Cheek or the smell of my burnt banana pancakes but loves handsome men, Soba noodles and traveling.

Tiina is also incredibly great company when going out and having some fun – she’s in her element when singing karaoke (especially Touch Me by Samantha Fox is one of her bravuras!) and when she conquers the dance floor it’s all about windmilling pony-tail and crazy dance moves. The following morning she medicates your hangover by bringing you painkillers in a small, metallic box and acting as it was a small train (“choo choo!”) just to reveal later on that the painkillers were mistakenly nothing but magnesium pills. When she suffers from hangover she wants her pizza with tuna, pineapple and ham and even though she might not be able to stand up, you can still hear her singing faintly some of her daily small, funny songs she has made up herself.

This lady is anything but ordinary, so you better beware! 😉

Tiina about Miia: FB_IMG_1494059281332

Well, well, well.. what should I tell you about Miia. Comparing to other of us I sometimes feel that Miia is our voice of wisdom. She is adventurous but thinking wisely, always well prepared for all situations, if you miss something – Miia has it with her! Also she is almost awfully smart to be so young. I wish I had been more like  her at that age. Miia is well traveled and learnt a lot about world, life and she is keeping eyes open what is happening around. She loves red wine, but you never see her completely wasted. Even when drunk, she is keeping things together and acting very classy. She is thinking very practical way and if you need an answer why things are how they are, she definitely knows it! And she is passionate for nature, listening podcasts (really, there are people who prefer listening those boring podcasts instead of music!?) outdoor activities, diving, biology, traveling and training towards her goals on amazing extreme adventure races she is planning to attend. And how polite one can be! In any difficult situation at work and customer service, Miia always is calm and friendly. I think I´ve never seen her raising her voice or looking really, really angry. (If you ask her, she would say she is easily being pissed off and showing it, but that is not exactly true). There is one thing she could do better: Not to be so damn modest all the time!

Last but not least she have been teaching us how to use red lipstick, and that is something every girl should do sometimes.

Let the adventures begin!





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