Faroe Islands – a hidden gem in the middle of the sea

Hello from Faroe Islands!

We’ve only spent two days in here and are already deeply in love with this funny, small place located basically in the middle of nowhere.

Our trip started by walking about 6km from the airport to our accommodation. We don’t know if we looked funny or lost or if it’s just that walking isn’t that common way to move from one place to another, but our plans seemed to draw attention among local people.



The landscape in Faroe Islands is simply stunning. It’s gorgeous in a way you kind of forget how tired you actually are (after sleeping just a few hours previous night) and head immediately to the closest hiking trail after arriving to your accommodation. Unlike in Norway, where even those trails categorized as easy require hands, legs and guts, in Faroe Islands adjective easy turned out to be actually easy. On the first evening we went for a couple of hours easy walk to see the great Sørvágsvatn and Bøsdalafossur. The sun was shining, sheep were grazing everywhere around us and the shapes of those steep cliffs and rocks just left us totally amazed. As the trail didin’t require our constant attention we were able to admire the views around us even when walking – it was just perfect, relaxed walk for the afternoon!

Nanna was our official tour leader that day.

The next day didn’t start that well. Nanna’s new shoes had decided to get troublesome and tried to take over our plans. Those are the moments when you need to get creative and for this particular problem a pile of napkins and a pack of tampons were the perfect solution. In your face, shoes!

We had booked ferry tickets to take us to the beautiful island of Mykines. The ferry ride took about 40 minutes and was a great way to enjoy the rocky views and calming waves around us. Mykines is a home for 14 people, dozens of sheep and thousands – and I really mean thousands – of birds. Bird cliffs in Mykines are some of the richest in the world and you could see kittiwakes, gannets and seagulls swooshing constantly around you. We took about 8km hike to Mykineshólmur to wander through the cute little paths going up and down in the island. This trail was quite easy as well, including just a couple of steeper parts. You get a strange feeling like you would have been thrown to the middle of a mystical fairytale world mixing elements of Ireland, Iceland and New Zealand.

Besides the sceneries one of the absolute highlights were puffins – those hilarious, colorful creatures looking adorable, flying in a funny way and landing in an even funnier way. You could easily spend hours just by wathing them!

There you go, my little puffin!

Also the village (or well, a bunch of houses with grass roofs) was nothing but lovely and we enjoyed warming cups of coffee in a cafe that was more like somebody’s home than real cafe.

As not everything always goes as planned, we’re now sitting at the airport since our helicopter ride to Suðuroy was cancelled due to the windy weather. After plan B, which was taking the helicopter to Tórshavn, failed as well we moved to plan C and are now waiting for a bus to take us to Tórshavn. After that we’ll most likely catch a ferry to the island – or well, that’s how our plans look like at the moment… We’ll see!
But hey, at least all this gave us a change to write something about our trip for you guys. Hope you all are doing well!

With hugs,

Nanna & Laura


One thought on “Faroe Islands – a hidden gem in the middle of the sea

  1. Voi miten ihania maisemia ja kuvia. Harmi, että ne Nannan uudet kengät aiheuttivat harmia (kipua). Nauttikaa, turvallista matkaa. t. Nannan äiti


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