From Faroe Islands, with love (and a tiny whiff of sheep poop)!

Hi again from Faroe Islands!fr36s

Surprise, surprise – our plans did change then again! As we got to Tórshavn with the bus we noticed that the next ferry to Suðuroy wouldn’t be leaving any earlier than in 3 hours and hence made a quick decision (which ended up being a really good one since we noticed in the evening that the ferry was cancelled) to not go to there at all! We cancelled our Airbnb accommodation there and made a new one to Tórshavn after finding this amazing, cozy place which used to belong to a Faroese author. His daughter hadn’t made lot of changes to the place so it had a lot of character left! We had the whole upper floor to ourselves and really loved every tiny detail in this apartment which seemed to have stayed somewhere in the 1970s. Our host was also amazingly friendly and gave us a lot of useful information and tips for the coming days.

That evening we used mostly on reading our new bible, also known as hiking guide of Faroe Island. The guide had more than 20 hikes in it and included all the needed information with the smallest points (the description of the trails were really detailed and it almost described us the direction of every step!) After reading about the hikes, watching pictures from Instagram (you know, the most important thing to do) and checking the bus timetables we decided our top 3 hikes for the following days.

The next day we took a bus to Klaksvík. One thing we quickly noticed about Faroe Islands was that all the people were incredibly friendly and always willing to help us out. We had something like 30min waiting time in Klaksvík and ended up checking out this place which seemed to have a some kind of event going on with table full of food and coffee. We went there to look for a toilet, but once we arrived to the front door there were people already welcoming us to come in. They told us that they arrange this event every Thursday for the people in the village and that we could sit down and have some food and cafe for free. It was very nice to see how they all came together once a week to enjoy some music (there were local musicians playing), food and each others company. Such a lovely highlight for the beginning of the day!

Some views from the bus window. 🙂
Those lovely people and great atmosphere!

From Klaksvík we took a bus to Viðareiði where we had about 6km walk ahead of us. It was quite windy and a bit cold day, but we warmed up walking up to the top of the small mountain called Villingardalsfjall in 841m. The ascend was steep and pretty stony, so you really had to be careful with your steps! Views of the village and surrounding mountains were really beautiful, even though we couldn’t really see that far from the top because of some fog. It was a wild moment to stand at the top of that snow-covered mountain, look to the northern horizont and realize that the next place you’d face any land in that direction would be the North Pole. Crazy!

We had this nice and very tasty habit of having a piece of cake after hiking… 😉

Most of our days in the Faroe Islands went pretty much in the same way; we went for a hike, got back to our accommodation and were so tired after spending all day outside that we almost went straight to bed. It’s really a good feeling to be outside all day long, sleep well and then wake up for a new day to discover these incredible landscapes all over again!

So, the next morning we woke up again full of energy and excitement for our next hike. We took the same bus to Klaksvík and started our hike from there. This hike was categorized as easy and the path itself was very effortless to walk on, but the day was even windier than the previous one which gave it a bit of challenge. The view again was a lot nicer on the way to the top than from the top of the mountain, since from there we could barely see anything else but fog. But anyway, the wind made it just really fun and we could do nothing but laugh as we were almost not able to stand upright!

Views on thee way to the top…
…and up we go…
…and, well. “The view”. 😀

We stayed altogether four nights in Tórshavn and since the first two days went by hiking somewhere else, we decided to spent also one day discovering the city itself. There live about 14 000 people in Tórshavn and it’s said to be one of the smallest capital cities in the world! It’s really cute city which has kept it’s traditional look. The old town of Tórshavn is a small part close to the harbor and is filled with little black houses with grass roofs. All houses are right next to each other and people still live in there. After doing some hikes and going to somewhere basically every day we really enjoyed exploring this beautiful city, relaxing with a good cup of coffee and going through shops around there.
We finished the perfect city day by going to see this gig from a local band called Haldurs Cafe. They played a bit of a folk type music and the concert was just great! It was our second last night in the Faroe Islands, so it also felt like a farewell evening for us.

Here you can see where all of the money has really gone… 😉

On the last day we took a bus to the same village where we stayed the first two nights. We already had our last (at least for now) hike planned and after waiting for a little while for the rain to pass we headed to this old post route to Gásadalur. We were thinking for a while how to reach it since the bus would drop us 7km away from the beginning of the trail, but in the end decided to walk there to get our muscles warmed-up for the climb. Gásadalur was for a long time one of the villages which was hardest to access from the rest of the island. It was only in 2004 that they built a road to this village and until that it was only possible to access ether via helicopter or walking. The route which we took is the same route the postman used to use 3 times a week to deliver mail to this remote little village. The route was quite easy though it started with a really steep hike uphill. Gásadular has 18 people living there and the village is located in a small valley next to beautiful mountains and a gorgeous waterfall. Definitely one of the pearls of the whole week!

View backwards from the beginning of the trail.
It got a bit foggy while up in there…
…but in the end the view was just breathtaking!

Well, as we were that excited about our trip we kind of forgot to send this card while we still were in Faroe Islands, so that’s why it comes a little bit late… You know us, always head in the clouds (this time we mean it literally) and sometimes forgetting the reality!

If you are adventurous, enjoy amazing views and walking (as we know all of you do), then Faroe Islands is a place to go!

Best wishes,
Nanna & Laura


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